Zakynthos Diamonds Club

Driven by our love and urge to promote our island as a high-end destination across the world, as well as by our guests’ demand for top-quality, luxurious vacation rentals and VIP services, we created a unique club of premium luxury villas in Zakynthos.

As the owners of the villas ourselves, we are all committed to providing our guests with the ultimate experience of luxury holidays in a place of unique beauty such as Zakynthos Island.

We feel that together, united, we can achieve our goals better:

  • Provide constant availability and more options of high-quality accommodations in Zante to our guests and partners.
  • Allow our guests and partners to have access to an even wider variety of VIP services across Zakynthos Island.
  • Promote the unparalleled beauty of Zante Island to VIP travelers across the globe.


We are certain that you will enjoy your stay in the luxury and comfort of one or more of our villas. Enjoy!