Zakynthos (also known as Zante) the majestic Greek island, is the southern-most island of the Ionian Sea islands in western Greece. Venetians who ruled the island for decades, named it “The Flower of the East”, because of its unparalleled natural beauty. And that name is exactly the name that described Zakynthos: Long, sandy beaches in the eastern part, rocky cliffs with spectacular sea and sunset views in the western part, as well as hidden coves, tropical isles with turquoise crystal-clear waters comprise this heaven on earth.

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Zakynthos is the third biggest and the southern-most of the six principle Ionian Sea islands. It covers a territory of 406 km2 (158 mi2) and its coastline’s length is around 123 km (76 mi).

The capital is the town of Zakynthos, having a similar name as the prefecture. Aside from the official name it is additionally called Chora (signifying “the Town”, a typical section in Greece when the name of the island itself is equivalent to the name of the central town). As indicated by the 2011 registration, the island has a populace of 40,759. The island’s port is additionally situated in Zakynthos town.

Zakynthos is a verdant island supplied with ripe valleys and a mild atmosphere. Its scene assorted variety has brought about various kinds of sea shores: there are sandy sea shores in detached bays where the serene waters are dark blue on the island’s southeastern part; yet, in the event that tough bluffs and an intriguing submerged world are just as you would prefer, attempt the western piece of the island.


The Venetians administered Zakynthos from 1484 to 1797. They used to call the island “Fioro di Levante” (bloom of the East) as a result of its magnificence and because of the way that there are more than 7,000 types of blossoms on the island.

Zakynthos was named after Jakynthos who is said to have been the island’s first occupant. He was the child of Dardanos, leader of the old realm of Frigia. The antiquated acropolis was credited to him. A Venetian post was built later a similar site.

The Venetian building impact has left its stamp on Zakynthos regardless of the harm supported by the seismic action in the zone. After the cataclysmic 1953 quake and the fire that followed, an immense number of authentic structures and places of worship caught fire. Subsequently, the noteworthy fortunes these structures were lodging died. The town was reconstructed by an arrangement where severe enemy of seismic determinations applied and, to a huge degree, regarding the town’s previous engineering structure.


Greek cooking is by all methods one of the most popular on the planet. Besides Zakynthos offers an assortment of wonderful neighborhood dishes that make an ideal expansion to it. Let yourself make the most of Zante’s gastronomical fortunes in a conventional bar, in any of the island’s fine eateries or feast in the open air in the astonishing nursery of Artina Luxury Villa.


The ripe fields of Zante Island are home to a few quality vine assortments, for example, Avgoustiatis, Goustoulidi, Pavlo, Rombola and Skiadopoulo. Experience wine sampling in Zakynthos in a few fine neighborhood wineries or make the most of your wine in Artina Villa completely prepared open air bar while looking the perpetual blue.


The perfect atmosphere of Zakynthos Island enables the Zakynthian to land convey a rich assortment of conventional items, for example, top notch additional virgin olive oil, currant, unadulterated nectar, fine wine from neighborhood assortments, piece, sesame sticks and some more. Enjoy the appreciate of Zakynthos customary items or offer them as perfect blessings from your late spring occasions in Zante to your loved ones!


The Solomos Square encompassed by structures with trademark conventional engineering highlights of the island, curve molded windows and arcades. The statue of Dionysios Solomos national artist of Greece rules in the middle. Here you can likewise locate the Public Library (with 55.000 volumes) and the Post-Byzantine Museum.

The beach front street known as Strata Marina (K. Lomvardou road), which is one of the most frequented part of the city, with bistros, bars and cafés, from the Solomos Square up to the congregation of the benefactor holy person Aghios Dionysios.

The Aghios Markos (San Marco) square. Here, in 1797, the progressives (popolaroi) consumed the Libro d’ Oro and planted the tree of opportunity. This cleared square is the principle meeting point for local people and guests. Here you will likewise discover the Museum of Solomos, Kalvos and Eminent Zakynthians.

Rouga: Its name is Alexandros Romas road, beginning at Aghios Markos Square intersection nearly the entire town. This road with the arcades has been the fundamental business focal point of the city for quite a long time.


Zakynthos has been the intersection of civic establishments for a considerable length of time, with social impacts from both the west and the east, Home to a few significant Greek and Italian artists and craftsmen, for example, Dionysios Solomos, Andreas Kalvos and Ugo Foscolo, this island is a remarkable spot of culture and development.

The Post-Byzantine Museum of Zakynthos, first time opened back at the ’60s, it is a two-story building situated in Solomos Square in Zante town. Here the guests can appreciate wood-cut Byzantine symbols, frescos dated back to the fifteenth Century, and oils on canvas artworks of well-known Greek craftsmen.

The Venetian Castle arranged on Bochali slope overhanging the town in the spot of the old acropolis. Including striking perspectives to Zante Town, the Ionian Sea and the valley of Gaitani, Bochali slope with the impressive Venetian Castle and the lovely tranquil bistros is one of the most excellent regions for a little new break from the uneven town.

Strani ‘s Hill (Lofos Strani), 2 km away from the town, offering an incredible view. Here, the writer D. Solomos propelled the “Song to Liberty” (later the Greek national hymn) and the “Free Besieged” going to the attack of the city of Messolonghi.

The Museum of Dionisios Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians shows an enormous assortment of individual things and original copies of this celebrated Greek writer who composed the National Anthem of Greece. A similar structure additionally has the catacombs of Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos, another extraordinary Zakynthian writer.

Saint Dionysios Cathedral & Monastery: Situated in the edges of Zante Town close Zakynthos principle port, the monumental church and cloister of St. Dionisios, the supporter Saint of the island, have significant ancient rarities of the Byzantine Era.


Zakynthos offers everybody their very own beach taste. From long, shallow water sandy beaches to little, profound, precious stone water pebbled beaches composed or secluded; in any event one seashore will fit in one’s heart. A portion of Zakynthos’ most cherished seashores and places for swimming include:

Navagio Beach (Shipwreck or Smuggler’s Wreck)

Marathonissi (Turtle Island) and Keri Caves

Ghalazies Spilies (Blue Caves)


There is no need to introduce the most amazing and famous beach in Zakynthos. Also known as Smuggler’s Wreck or “The Shipwreck”, Navagio Beach is the emblem of the island and one of the most popular attractions in Greece, with white sand, unique blue waters and the shipwreck of a Greek smuggler ship. Its story goes back to the ‘80s, when the ship with its smuggled cargo crashed on the beach of Aghios Georgios. Ever since the beach was renamed to “Navagio” (meaning “Shipwreck” in Greek). Accessible only from the sea, you can reach Navagio by joining a small cruise taking off daily from Zakynthos Town, Agios Nikolaos, Skinari or Porto Vromi as well as by renting a motorboat or private yacht. You could include the Blue Caves in the same cruise.


A progression of sea gives in that mirror the profound cyan shading given by the corals to the water, the Blue Caves are simply calling you for a dive. Situated in the northern piece of Zakynthos Island, close Aghios Nikolaos and Cape Skinari, the Blue Caves are one of the greatest characteristic domains of Zakynthos. Open just from the ocean, you can arrive at Blue Caves by joining a little journey taking off day by day from Zakynthos Town, Agios Nikolaos, Skinari or Porto Vromi just as by leasing a speedboat or personal yacht. You could incorporate Navagio Beach in a similar journey.


The most noteworthy goal of Laganas straight is the islet of Marathonissi, otherwise called Turtle Island as a result of its turtle-like shape. Turquoise waters and white sand seashores, shrouded ocean inlets and tropical vegetation include this tropical heaven found just a couple of moments from Keri Beach by vessel. Contract a speedboat or have a private voyage to Marathonissi with a personal yacht. You could likewise incorporate Keri Caves in a similar journey.


Tremendous landmarks of nature like concealed ocean bays, seashores like the Shipwreck Beach and great rough curves that jump into the gem waters of Keri are a couple of just of the fortunes right now voyage. Contract a speedboat or have a private voyage to Keri Caves with a personal yacht. You could likewise incorporate Marathonissi in a similar voyage.